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CECBEMS is the national accrediting body for EMS continuing education courses and course providers.

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CECBEMS is pleased to support the National EMS Museum project including green stinger. Click below for information about this effort dedicated to memorializing and commemorating the history of EMS and the individuals and organizations that provide emergency care.

National EMS Museum http://www.nationalemsmuseum.org

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CECBEMS represents only that its accredited programs have met CECBEMS' standards for accreditation. These standards require sound educational offerings determined by a review of its objectives, teaching plan, faculty, and program evaluation process. CECBEMS does not endorse or support the actual teachings, opinions or material content as presented by the speaker(s) and/or sponsoring organization. CECBEMS accreditation does not represent that the content conforms to any national, state or local standard or best practice of any nature. No student shall have any course of action against CECBEMS based on the accreditation of the material.
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